Friday, February 27, 2009

Suck It

Little Red declared that when grows up he was going to start a band called Kiss My Ass. Have I mentioned that he's 8 years old? I don't know where he gets this stuff. The Catholic school that I'm selling body parts to pay for, I suppose. I tried desperately NOT to so much as smirk until I impressed upon him that that language will not be tolerated. Then I went into the next room and closed the door and laughed my ass off.

Now, my friend and I decided today that we're going to start our own band. We're going to call it Suck It. So, one day in the future you may see a concert tour Kiss My Ass opening for Suck It. We are seeking sponsors...we doubt Nickelodeon will pick it up. But, if we wait just a few years we think AARP might sponsor us. Or maybe Viagra.

LR and I bought some new stuff for ourselves today. Rare for me, not so much for him. I bought new CDs and he bought Bakugan...think Pokemon, but instead of cards they are tiny plastic balls that when laid on a magnetic surface pop open into some sort of creature with a point value on it's least that's about all I can gather from it. Huge choking hazard if you have little ones in the house. Of the 4 or 5 CDs I bought for me, I thought that I should probably make sure that one of them was appropriate for little ears...since all of the rest of them have a parental warning. So, I bought the Jonas Brothers. I played one of my CDs in the car...and it wasn't bad language or anything. LR loved it. Then I decided to put on the Jonas my kid can get into kid music. Well, I start dancing and singing. I'm having a good time and thinking "Okay. The Jonas Brothers are not so bad." I turn to look at LR to see if he's enjoying the music and he's making that yawn face and staring out the window. He asks me to put Muse back on. What's the problem here? Peppy music that's geared towards kids. Hmmmmm. I should have gotten Miley Cyrus or something. Maybe it's that the Jonas Brothers sing to their legions of FEMALE FANS. So, I guess I didn't think that purchase through. Now I guess I'll be the one listening to the Jonas Brothers until my 1year old Doodlebug is old enough to appreciate the music. She'll probably be as warped as her brother and would rather listen to Linkin Park or something when she's 4 instead of anything Disney would put out. So, I'll be the only one listening to the Jonas Brother...or worse yet...High School Musical. Maybe someone should just put a bullet in me now.

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  1. If you continue to trounce around the office singing the Jonas Brothers, you may just get a bullet.