Monday, December 7, 2009

2009 I Hate to See You Leave, But I Love to Watch You Go

2009 has not been the kindest year. 2009 had promise there for a while. The first half of the year brought with it bitter realizations and then soaringly high hopes stregnthened with a resolve of steel. I discovered acting was not only an amazing outlet, but also that I truly enjoyed it and looked forward to each and every class. I've overcome quite a few fears this year.

The second half of the year was vastly different. We experienced intense loss and grief when my father died. I keep being drawn into crazyville because some are having extreme difficulty accepting the loss. My husband was extremely ill and spent several days in the hospital for a still undiagnosed problem. My daughter has been ill since for nearly 3 months and the doctors have not yet been able to determine the cause.

2009 has been the kind of year that you definitely will not look back and remember it fondly.

So, 2009, you bitch. You took from us. You knocked us down over and over again without giving us a chance to even catch our breath. I will not miss you. I hope you die a thousand painful deaths.