Friday, February 20, 2009

Stand and face the hounds of hell

I took Little Red, my eight year old, to a birthday party at a skating rink yesterday. While I used to enjoy skating when I was younger, now when I go there, I just feel all dirty. The place is just weird now. Anyway, after helping him pry his skates on he took off "Watch how fast I can go!" I do what I always do at these things...I sat off by myself with a book (one of the Twilight books, of course). Occasionally I would stand up by the wall and watch my kid. 20 minutes of High School Musical songs later, they finally played something that I could move to without hating myself. I'd start moving to the beat...trying not to go overboard...I was at an 8 year old's birthday party, not a nightclub after all. I noticed that LR was attempting to have some kind of rhythm himself. All of the other kids were just merely skating or trying not to fall. LR was moving to the music. Swaying his little hips and dancing out there without a care in the world as to who saw him. This makes me smile because I'm trying to set the example for him that you only get one shot at life and you should make every moment Dance like nobody is watching. He's such a hit.
So, I'm dancing on the sidelines and...okay, people are watching me...whatever. But, then the other parents start coming over to talk to me. Almost like "That poor woman. She's so lonely, it's making her crazy. Perhaps we should go talk to her." So, now I'm surrounded by several people that are wrecking my rhythm because I have to talk with them instead of letting the music move me. I can't help myself. But, I'm polite and I talk. I avoid talking to people at these types of things because I have hearing problems and the background noise makes it nearly impossible to hear and the dim lights and strobe lights make it difficult for me to see their mouths in order to read lips. So, I stay off by myself and it's all just right as rain usually. But, they are starting to find me mildly interesting. Great!

LR and I could have just done our own thing and forgotten that the other people were there. He's not yet embarrassed by his mom. And, I'm not embarassed by him. How long will this last? Oh well, at least we both had fun.

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