Monday, March 30, 2009

The greatest word in the English language (parental warning)

Fuck. I love the word. It's a beautiful word. It's short. It can be added to creating other beautiful meanings. It can enhance any experience (fucking awesome). It can emphasize a point(you are a fucking dillweed) Fuck is fucking brilliant. You can do so many things with fuck. Fuck has power. Fuck is sexy. Fuck is dirty. It's everything all at once. You can feel sexy, powerful, and dirty all at once...making it exactly like the true meaning of the word. Oh how I love fuck. There is simply nothing better than a well placed fuck, in every sense of that phrase. I would fuck fuck if I were a word. There's the whole exclamation when your pissed (FUCK!). There is the exclamation when you are in fucking Heaven (ohhhhhhh fuuuuuccccckkkkk). There is "fuck me," which can be used as an invitation, a demand, a statement in the heat of passion, or as a way to say that you are so far beyond screwed that the light from screwed would take 10 billion years to reach you.

Fuck is such an empowering word. I vow to use fuck every day in every way until we all learn to say fuck with pride and conviction.

Who's fucking with me?

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