Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And miles to go before I sleep

Here I am...awake. It's midnight. Usually I am long asleep by now. Of course, I also wake several times every night for no good reason. By 4:30am I just give in and get the hell out of bed. It sucks. Last night I managed 3 hours of sleep before I woke up at 12:30 and lay there for the next couple of hours and gave myself a headache. The rest of my family is sleeping. I'm jealous.

It isn't that I'm not tired. Oh my God! I am so tired. But the moment my body hits the bed (or the sofa), I am wide awake. What the hell? I think this is how people go stark raving mad.

So that is why I am awake after midnight, drinking a Bud Light and listening to Eminem. Again...WTF?!!! Friggin sleepless nights making me crazier.

I'm on Twitter now! Joy! I so needed another medium to occupy my time. All these places to check to see if anyone sent me messages or whatever. It can be exhausting and so addictive. I may never sleep again. Not that a lot of people talk to me on any of these things. Why would they? The easiest way to describe me...B.O.R.I.N.G. or another way S.C.A.R.Y. Take your pick.

I used to keep up with the news and world events. But, I'm so fucking tired of hearing about how awful the economy is and speculating on when things when turn around and all these fucking companies getting all this taxpayer money and still doing business the same way that got them into trouble in the first place...and the war, and all that bullshit....I quit watching the news. I quit reading most of the news. I started keeping up with some entertainment news...just for something different. All it has done for me was solidify my hatred for all things paparazzi. They are not people and do not deserve the same rights as the rest of us. People that intrude on other people's private lives so maliciously should be beaten with their cameras, stomped into a bloody pile, nursed back to health, and then have battery cables attached to them at various points. The process should be repeated until those that were harassed are satisfied...no...it should just continuously be repeated.

AND...as long as we are talking crazy people....to every crazy obsessed fan of anyone...I'm talking the show up wherever the celebrity of choice is/hang outside of the celebrity's house or hotel/grabbing on them/spitting on them/yelling at them/calling them by the character's name crazy bullshit.....GET A LIFE! Frick. You and the paparazzi suck the life and enjoyment out of everything. Let them be. They probably don't mind a "Hello. Good to meet you. You were great in...." But then walk the fuck away. I understand the longing to get to know someone better, but fuck. If they WANT to spend more time with you...they'll invite you to join them. Don't make a fucking spectacle of yourself.

Now that both of you (my followers) have read this...I expect that you will adhere to the rules set forth.

Bite me...and remember...I haven't slept in days. So suck it if you don't understand.

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