Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend with Twilighters

The husband and I had a paranormal date night on Friday. We began the evening by heading to the Paraplex on Canal Blvd. We spent an hour or so wandering through the rooms of this 130 year old former mortuary. It was interesting. If you want to know more about the experience, please read the Paraplex entry on the other blog, Something Wicked This Way Comes.

After the Paraplex, we had a quick bite and then had daiquiri's. We were just killing time until 10pm when the Twilight DVD release party began at Borders. At least I was...I'm sure he was dreading it.

Picture it...Borders at 10pm. We walk in and I'm given the slip of paper that will allow me to get in line for the DVD at 11:30. Joy. Also, on the table in front of the woman handing this slip out is a host of Twilight-related stuff. I grabbed the GQ with Robert Pattinson gracing the cover, Nylon with Kristen Stewart on the cover, a Twilight calendar, and the Director's book about making the movie. I head upstairs to where the festivities are supposed to take place. I really was only here out of curiosity. On the second floor there were teens and tweens everywhere. A few parents mulled around. There were a few Twimoms (I had never actually seen one before that night). One Twimom actually brought her own life size cardboard cut out of Edward. I'm not kidding. I was embarassed for her...apparently she didn't have the sense to be embarrassed.

Around 10:20 the employees gathered everyone around and started asking trivia questions. I wasn't playing because...well, I think this means more to all those kids than it does to me. I turned to the husband at one point and told him that I felt like a jackass for even being there...this sent the 16 year old girl behind us into a fit of hysterical laughter. When the kids couldn't answer the questions I'd whisper the answers so whoever heard me first could get it. After a few minutes of this I went and sat downstairs in the cafe to wait for the actual DVD release.

I couldn't make it. I was so tired from not sleeping for days and from the daiquiri that I just paid for the few things I had and went home. Besides...the Borders only sold the 2-disc special edition DVD. I went to Target the next day and got the 3-disc special edition DVD. Yay.

So, bottom line...I felt like a huge jackass staying up just to watch a gaggle of teens and tweens go all gaga over Twilight. Team Edward shirts were everywhere.

On a side note...there was a rage filled moment when I was in the cafe trying to read my magazines when I almost beat the woman sitting across from me with her cell phone. She was droning on and on to whoever about all the kids there and how she was just here to see what it was all about and that there was all kinds of Twilight stuff for sale and she was going to get posters and blah blah blah. After about 20 mimutes of this...doin my deep breathing exercises, I decided that it would be safer if I just went ahead on home because this was not going to turn out well for anyone if I stayed.

The husband did cartwheels all the way to the door.

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