Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Name is My Name is.........

I understand that there are A LOT of people in the world. I understand that you meet throngs of people each day and can't be bothered to actually remember everyone's name. However, you should make a fucking point of learning and committing to memory the names of the fucking people that PAY YOU, that MAKE SURE YOUR BENEFITS ARE CORRECT, THAT PROTECT YOU FROM THE ASS CLOWNS THAT ARE YOUR BOSSES THAT WANT TO FORCE YOU TO USE VACATION TIME FOR A DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENT INSTEAD OF SICK TIME. Yes. These people's names you should remember. Make a point of it. Use it when you meet us for the first time. Write it down. Take a picture of us, write our name on it, and tape it up next to the picture of your family you keep at your desk. Because if you continue to call me by someone else's name even though you've been here for a year, I did your orientation, I answer your phone calls and emails about your insurance problems, I visit your office several time each year with important information, I harass you about getting your training done each and every month, and I'm the one that makes sure that you have fucking working air condition in the middle of the fucking summer when it's over 100 degrees outside...I promise you I'll make sure you'll never get another paycheck. I promise you that I'll lose your insurance enrollment forms. I promise you that the air condition will never work in your office again except during the coldest months of the year when I will make sure that it's set to 10 degrees.

Learn my name! I am but one person. I have to learn all 130 of your names. Don't fuck with me.

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