Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why is it your business?

Tell me something. Why is it anyone's business whether two people get married? If two men want to marry each other, who. the. hell. cares?! If two women want to marry each other, who.the.hell. cares?! Seriously. Why is it anyone's business but those two people? If you don't like or agree with same sex marriages...if it offends your delicate sensibilities....listen closely Don't marry a same sex partner! Don't go to a same sex wedding! But you have no right to tell other people who they can fall in love with or who they choose to spend their life with. No one is telling you that you can't marry the person of your choosing. I don't even understand why this stupid issue was put to a vote. Did I miss that part in history where heterosexual marriage was put to a vote? What the hell is it to you if your neighbor marries a same sex partner? How exactly does that affect your life? I've heard "I don't want my children exposed to gay people making out" etc. Give me a large break! Honestly, I don't want my children seeing ANYONE that chooses extreme public displays of affection like tonsil hockey and groping out in public. Sure, kids are going to ask questions. You answer them the way your morals and values dictate. Go ahead...perpetuate hate and intolerance.
Okay. So you believe that the Bible says that homosexuality is an abomination. I still have to ask...why is it your business? These people are not trying to marry you, not trying to be intimate with you. If what they do offends God in some way, then that is between them and God. It isn't your business and it isn't your job to get between anyone and God.

Live your life the way you choose and let everyone else live the way they choose.

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