Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My greatest passion

Okay...aside from my family and cooking I have one huge passion. That is music...especially singing. Oh My God! I absolutely love to sing. Usually, I'm pretty good. I wouldn't say that there is a record deal in my future or anything, but I totally rock MY world and my kids love it (unless they are pissed at me). I just wished that I had the ovaries to sing in front of people other than my husband and kids. Music in general just has such an incredible affect on me. I can't even just put on music while I'm cleaning the house...because no house cleaning will get done. It always ends up with me standing on the sofa singing to my legions of fans. I imagine anyone peeking in my windows would likely call the men in white coats to cart me off. Aahh. But, it's such a peaceful crazy feeling. The combination of alcohol and music...I can't even describe the insanity that ensues. Let's just say that there are pictures of a certain blogger and the president of her company (a bank) "cutting a rug" at the company Christmas party. Ummm....all I can say was that there were several drinks involved AND my husband dared me.

Crazy woman! This is what my 7 year old son calls me. So aside from the free concerts I give, I also do some pretty crazy dumb dancing...at home, at work, in the mall, wherever. So, while he enjoys me being a little crazy I think he's starting to get to the age that mom embarrasses him by just being alive. The next few years I'm likely to cause him a GREAT DEAL of red faces to match his red hair. But, I want my kids to learn that life is too short to always play it straight. I want them to embrace every moment. Who cares if someone sees you dancing like a complete moron or sees you walk into a tree because you weren't paying attention?

Crazy woman! This is what my husband calls me occasionally (only oaccasionally to my face...he probably says it daily behind my back). Yes. My family...I adore them...but they make me bonkers. "Pick up your clothes." "Clean your room." "Please call the cable company." "Pick up your clothes." "Please do some laundry." "I said clean your room!!!!" "Why am I the only one here doing these things?! Don't you guys SEE what needs to be done?!" Yes...this goes on quite a bit...I think they are trying to make me crazy. They like to wait until my head is spinning completely around on my body and my screeches are shaking the house. Children by their very nature are not logical beings (OMG! Am I quoting Star Trek?). However, my husband, wonderful man that he is, is like my third child. I actually have to step between him and the television in order to have a conversation with him. I have to throw in random comments like "I slept with your best friend," or "We are going to a swingers party on Saturday" just to make sure he's listening. I know that this is not unique. But man can that drive a person absolutely batty. I mean what the hell? If women acted more like the men, how little would actually get done? I actually tested this at my house a few months ago. I stopped washing clothes (except mine), stopped cleaning the bathrooms, stopped cleaning the kitchen, etc. After like 3 weeks I was ready to just burn the house down and live under a bridge. It would have been cleaner than my house at that point. Apparently, I'm the only one it bothered. My husband and my son had no problems with dirty dishes overflowing onto all of the kitchen counters, wearing dirty clothes, using a disgusting bathroom. Gross. The only real problem they had with my mini strike was that there was no food in the house. Go figure. I knew this about my husband...I had been in the apartment he had when we were dating. I'm fairly certain that when he moved out of that place the owner had to replace the carpet and strip the walls down to the studs and replace all applicances. Heck, they probably just set the place on fire and salted the earth. My son, however, I did not expect this from. I had taught him to do his own laundry and put his clothes in the hamper, etc. But no. The male gene is too damn strong with that one.

Oh yes. I am a crazy woman. The people I live with make me crazy. But I wouldn't want to spend one day without them in my life.

And music gives me the outlet I need....so I don't have to end up on an episode of COPS.

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