Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Religion

Let me start by saying that I don't care what you choose to worship. I don't care what religious doctrines you follow. Whether one of the various incarnations of Christianity or Judaism, Muslim, Buddist, Wiccan, atheist, or worshipping cats in heat when the moon is in Aquarius or whatever, I simply don't care.

That being said....

Too many people profess themselves a good *insert appropriate religious preference here* simply because they go to religious services religiously (for lack of a better word). Sitting your fat ass in a religious establishment does not in any way make you a good person. Are you listening to what is being said during these little sit downs? The guy (or girl) up there may actually have something important to say. They aren't just up there for your entertainment. There are lessons to be learned.

Too many people sit in church only to get up and spew hate and venom the moment they walk out after mass. Or the sermon/homily leaks out of their ears and they don't understand what it truly means to live a good life. Not one of us is without sin, if you believe in the Christian doctrines. One of us is no better than another of us.

Telling me that someone is a good Christian truly isn't going to endear that person to me. I've met way too many Christians that are judgemental, mean, hypocritical, and just plain hateful.

You have no right to judge another person for how they choose to live their lives. I know too many Christians that raise their children to hate. Hate people of other religions. Hate people of other races. Hate homosexuals. Hate people with purple hair or piercings. Hate people with blue eyes. Hate Hate Hate. Apparently it's the Christian thing to do.

So go ahead and surround yourself with crosses. Go ahead and quote from whatever religious books you find important. Speak in tongues if you like. It doesn't mean that you'll be in the express lane to Heaven. If you wear a cross, sit in church, and then spew hatred and judgement every day of your'll have God to answer to. Me....I just prefer not to hear it.

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